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Exam Results

Our 2018 7+ and 8+ Leavers have achieved the best results in five years and have performed very strongly, with 40% achieving offers to Westminster and St Paul’s Schools, amongst many other fine schools, on a non-selective registration from birth.

Our warmest congratulations go to all pupils, staff and, of course, parents, who worked together so tirelessly to achieve these exceptional results.

The 7+ results are consistent with 2017, and we are delighted for all the boys who have received their offers and are looking forward to the next stage of their schooling. We are proud to have received so many offers to top flight schools.

We would particularly like to mention the success of the 8+ class who have received many more offers than last year, in part due to our new policies of Differentiated Learning, where every boy is set upon his own unique learning path. To take a few results as an example, with last year’s results shown:

Westminster under 8+ offers:

2018 6 offers

2017 2 offers

St Paul’s Junior School 8+ offers:

2018 9 offers

2017 1 offer

Dulwich College Junior School 8+ offers:

2018 4 offers

2017 2 offers

You will also note a wider spread of chosen schools this year. Many parents have thought long and hard about which school is right for their son and that is entirely right. A happy boy is a productive boy and choosing a school where he will be content is the key to his long-term future academic success and confidence.

As a group, Eaton House Schools believes in complete transparency on the subject of exam results and are happy to publish all offers made and all places accepted.

Eaton House Belgravia Results 2018