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Eaton House Belgravia


Pastoral Care

This is a school where wellness matters. every child is noticed and valued and where the development of the whole child and his happiness at school is at the centre and front of our thinking. We believe that happy minds are essential for happy children. Exceptional pastoral care ensures that the years spent at Eaton House Belgravia Pre-Prep are inspiring, enabling every boy to fulfil his full potential. A well-established House System provides the overarching structure for effective and consistent pastoral care within the school but it is the form teacher, who has daily contact with the boys in his class, who is at the forefront of pastoral care. He is responsible for each pupil’s well-being and, as such, will be responsive and highly attuned to his individual requirements and needs.

Building confidence and self-belief in a managed and careful way with an emphasis on positive feedback and rewards is intrinsic in all we do at Eaton House Belgravia Pre-Prep. The form teachers look at each pupil’s developmental progress weekly and feedback to the Headmaster, Mr Huw May. Together, they devise a detailed personalised plan for each pupil which covers both academic and non-academic issues for that period. Parents then receive a written feedback report every two weeks which gives them confidence that their son is on track and making good progress. An ‘open door’ policy ensures that any matters arising from this report can be dealt with quickly and efficiently in a genuine dialogue between the school and parents.

We have a zero tolerance anti-bullying policy and a Code of Conduct which ensures that it is rarely needed. Our boys tend to be full of life, sociable, friendly, kind to each other and quite mannerly. Our form teachers are the first point of contact for parents and pupils, but all the teachers, Heads of Houses, the Headmaster Mr Huw May and the Deputy Headmistress Mrs Jessica Feraille are always highly responsive to any query or concern that may arise.