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Eaton House Belgravia


All About Learning

    The Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum is made-up of seven areas.

    • Personal Social and Emotional Development
    • Mathematics
    • Physical Development
    • Communication and Language Development
    • Literacy Development
    • Expressive Arts and Design
    • Understanding the World

    Our timetable has a balance of all seven areas and some extras too! We have an introduction to languages, cooking and yoga to name but a few.

    Every single child is challenged at their own level, carefully structured focus groups allow the teachers to differentiate. Some Literacy activities might be, the listening ears games where children wear big ears and walk through the school tuning into different sounds, to playing silly soup and rhyming all the words in the bowl, to reading their first book…. Fat Tom!

    Children start by learning all the colours and basic shapes, they then move on to sounds and numbers, we use action songs and stories to introduce them.

    The children are constantly informally assessed and observed to feed into our planning. Adult and child initiated activities contribute to our half-termly topics.

    • Every single child is challenged at their own level, individual and small group work allow our teachers to differentiate all the time
    • The children are informally assessed and observed to aid our planning
    • If your child wants to learn… the sky is the limit!